Find Your Passion and Serve Your Community While Earning a College Degree

Through our partnership with Southeastern University, our students receive:

  • Flexible on-line classes
  • Practical, real-life experience
  • Mentoring by world-class leaders
  • Supportive and encouraging faith community

SEU is regionally accredited by the SACSOC and financial aid is available for qualified students.

Accepting Applications for the 2020-2021 School Year

Lunchtime Info Session

At the information session you will hear from current students, and learn about the structure and costs of the program. You will also have the opportunity to ask questions.

Thursday, May 23
12:00 Noon
Facebook Live

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Instagram post 2276433087728680899_8304132507 More students than ever will be studying online in the Fall- DO NOT WAIT to get the classes you want!!
Instagram post 2275775684473318954_8304132507 Everyone is invited to join us Tuesdays at 6:30p online for a growth group hosted by our Director, Dr. Amanda Pavich!! Register
Instagram post 2272014985766899594_8304132507 PRUDENCE is a word that hasn’t been in use much since the 1800s, in fact it didn’t even pop up on our phone while it was in spelling mode! PRUDENCE speaks to the now with the future in mind. Let’s re-discover this biblical value and incorporate it into this season of life. Proverbs 13:16
Instagram post 2271435508653626143_8304132507 Calling all leaders! Join us to pray for one another at our @eastlakechurchcv Facebook LIVE prayer service! 7 pm We will be pushing out through our ELLC FB as well!!
Instagram post 2270184051199488969_8304132507 Grab your bread + wine & we’ll see you online!
Instagram post 2266582075299621514_8304132507 All face-to-face university gatherings of any size have been prohibited in San Diego County. We’ve got this covered! ‘Innovation’ is what we do... Stay tuned!
Instagram post 2264981764160117125_8304132507 Brew some coffee, grab a friend or two and join us online!
Instagram post 2261151331802765422_8304132507 We’ve all faced situations where we were younger or less experienced than the people we were leading. The key is to approach the opportunity as a student, rather than an expert.
Instagram post 2257767397190738224_8304132507 Professor Jim Hendley is a 23-year veteran of the US Navy, and a huge part of our ELLC Student Support Team! After earning an ROTC scholarship to the University of North Carolina, he earned a BA in Speech Communications and received his Commission. As a Logistics Officer, he specialized in troop readiness and support, including two deployments to Iraq with the Naval Special Warfare community and SEAL Team SEVEN. He earned his MBA from the Naval Postgraduate School and retired as a Commander in 2018. He currently works as a Business Development Manager for Atlantic Diving Supply, where he brings his expertise to sales relationships and Department of Defense policy organizations. We love the honorable way he relates with everyone around him, and look forward to him bringing his clarity of thought around the topics of team leadership, networking, and entrepreneurial pursuits to our Leadership Labs over the next two weeks!
Instagram post 2251915843636203422_8304132507 We had a great time this weekend @eastlakechurchcv sharing the story of one of our students @saving_nate ! Nate will be graduating with his bachelors degree in Business and Professional Leadership this Spring, and we’d love to help you find your passion, serve your community, and earn your degree, too! DM us to start the conversation 🤓